It Only Takes 21 Days to Break a Habit

3 Simple Steps 

Day 0 – TODAY

1.  Create a 21 day plan to make or break a habit

Day 1-20

2.   Check in with yourself or a accountability partner every day for 20 days

Day 21

3.   Enjoy yourself and repeat days 1-20 or create a new challenge



Let’s make it even easier

Plan Details – Things To Include In Your Plan

  • Make Sure You Put Your Plan In Writing!!!!!
  • Write down why you want to make or break this habit
    • For example why you want to lose weight (to be healthy, to look good, self-confidence…)
  • Identify your trigger
    • Write down your triggers
    • Write down your how to get around your triggers (PLAN NOW you will need this info.)
      • Plan your meals, time, make a budget …..
  • Write out positive affirmations   (Repeat Out Loud Several Times A Day)

  • note cards, post-its, flyers, screen savers (place them where you will see them)
    • put them on mirrors (that you
    • on the steering wheel of your car
    • on the refrigerator
    • on the computer
  • Constant contact
    • Engage others in what you are doing (Talk About It)
    • Check in everyday with yourself and/ or your accountability partner
    • Review your plan
      • If any trigger devils showed up today, how did you get around them? If the trigger devil got you today how do you plan to defeat him or future devils?

Visualize Yourself Achieving Your New Habit!




100 Things To Be Grateful For:

1. My beautiful and loving daughter Ariel Chenoea
2. My sweet, spirited, seamstress, soul-food cooking mother Debra Davis
3. Chocolate
4. Progress
5. My soft, natural, and curly hair
6. Turning 40!
7. Forgiveness
8. God
9. Change
10. Motivation
11. My spiritual leaders
12. Naps on a rainy day
13. Self-Confidence
14. My wonderful friends – Andrea, Andrietta, Dorcas, George, Sharon, Marlene, Ursula, Verna, Vicki….
15. Pedicures
16. All of life’s lessons
17. Being loved
18. The time my dad was present in my life
19. Stewart Glen Fitchpatrick – my Cairn Terrier
20. Being able to think “Outside the Box”

The Peace of God Surpasses All Understanding

21. Four Great Brothers and One Wonderful Sister – Damon, James, Keith, Keion, and Erin
22. People who to share and sow seeds of knowledge in my life
23. Cute shoes that don’t hurt
24. My home
25. A creative ability
26. Paper sack brown skin
27. My car
28. My spiritual relationship with God
29. Coffee
30. The President of the United States of America – Barack Obama
31. The light bulb going off (aha moments)
32. Being a great follower
33. Being a great leader
34. Compliments
35. Disney
36. Hot baths
37. Knowing there is some good in everyone
38. St. Jude Children’s Hospital
39. Good health
40. My success coaches (past, present, and future)

41. The beach
42. Sunrises
43. A good life
44. Strawberries and pineapples
45. People that allow me to share my gift with them
46. My future
47. Knowing my purpose
48. A mind to serve God and others
49. My education
50. My 2 nieces and nephew
51. A good book
52. Sunshine
53. Knowing when to ask for help and receiving it
54. My job
55. Loving me
56. For making right choices
57. My future spouse
58. New experiences
59. Exercise
60. Being able to pursue my dreams

61. Organizational skills
62. Cell phones
63. My loving, always got my back family
64. My country
65. No regrets
66. Vacations
67. Rains
68. Flowers
69. For a giving spirit
70. Today
71. Being able to write and speak positive change into the life of others
72. Diamonds
73. Farmers
74. Others finding happiness and self-worth
75. Seafood
76. People who serve and protect us
77. Courage
78. Music
79. Never meeting a stranger
80. Opportunities

81. Clean water
82. Food
83. Photographs
84. Positive thinking
85. Memories
86. For the 100 lbs. I will lose over the next 10 months
87. Money
88. Educators
89. My heart
90. A sense of sight, touch, smell, taste, hearing
91. Tears
92. My speaking ability
93. Great legs
94. Happiness
95. The moon and stars
96. Technology
97. My enemies
98. You reading my blog
99. Peace
100. My past, present, and future Life – Hears to living it like its GOLDEN!



San Davis



Are You “Accidentally” Transferring Negative Energy?

We all have bad days; however some people have more than others.    Although I pride myself as a happy person, there are moments I experience negativity for no apparent reason.  For instance when my co-workers began to complain and produce negative attitudes.  I find that the smallest thing begin to cause me to be snappy. There are also some areas in my life that are consistently negative in my opinion.  For example, I have a teenage daughter, sixteen years old to be exact, she is a good kid but the constant eye, head and lip movement just irks the core of my being.   Yeah, I know I sound dramatic because I am a good and bad Drama Queen.  Although it is never acceptable for a child to direct a negative response towards a parent, I am concerned with the reasons behind her relentless irritation.    Since all the negative energy seems to be directed towards me, I’d begin to wonder if I were the source.



A friend once told me that happiness is based on happenings and joy comes from the soul.  Never forgetting this quote, I’ve always strived to feed my spiritual soul.  Now I find my natural happenings out of balance.  So I recently challenged my self identify the source of energy in my life.

First I realized I was not Creating my happenings.  When my creator established the earth and me, he looked and saw it was good.  Just having positive quotes, affirmations, and books placed around your desk and home is not enough.  We must know and follow these quotes and affirmations before adversity shows up.  If you set a ritual of creating happy happenings, a positive Godly standard will shield you from being infected with negative ions. Remember when the enemy comes in like a flood the spirit of God will build up a standard against him.  Start Creating Your Standard!


One of my greatest lessons in my challenge was realizing my lack of COMPASSION .  Being a teenager with ever changing hormones and rules and regulations can be a challenging life to lead.  I remember at her age always being too old for this but too young for that.  No matter what age I achieved it just meant, yeah you can go to the dance but you need to be home at 10 o’clock.  Oh of course the dance didn’t end until 12 and EVERONE else could stay later.  Now I am the parent saying, “Yes you can have a drivers license but you’re not ready for a car.”  How fair does that seem.   Although I now empathize with her, my rule is still the same but my delivery is different.  I now understand if she isn’t allowed to use the car she won’t be able to prove what a safe, confident and responsible driver.  Compassion allows me now to have an open mind and at least try to find some level ground.  Of course in all things you want be able to please everyone but it is important to acknowledge and consider others views.  She still does not have free access to my vehicle but her usage has increased.  Yes, Yes, Yes I see the eyes.  Yes, I feel the heavy breathing.  Yes, I hear the complaining.  Compassionately I know she is just multi-tasking.



Positive and negative energy is everywhere.  Their like bacteria, we all have good and bad.  However we must purpose not to let the bad energy override our positive power.  By not feeding into negativity through a compassionate and understanding spirit you can and will create POSITIVE POWER.  Wash your mind like you wash your hands.  Be careful not to spread Negative Energy.  Help cure the spread of this deadly disease.

I had to end my “In The Meantime” to get to my Purpose.

How many times have you heard expressions like, “find your purpose in life, pursue your passion and the money will follow, do what you love doing.”  Well what if you haven’t found your purpose or can’t afford to wait on the money.  Your just drifting, doing whatever you do in the MEANTIME.  For years I drifted trying to understand my purpose, destiny, and passion. What Would I Do For Free?  For years I told myself there was absolutely nothing I would do for free.  I am laughing at myself as I type this because I was already giving my gift away for free. 


I gave my talents to my employers with little recognition, no title, and no extra pay.  That’s because I didn’t realize my purpose.  My in the meantime started at the age of 17.  As a team leader then later supervisor for a local fast food restaurant, I trained and managed cashiers and other managers.  They even had me leading customer service training activities and meetings (I was a kid.) I later found myself again training and managing employees at a law firm.  Next I was at a global paper company with the pay of a customer service representative, but I was hosting teambuilding activities, product training, and implementing strategies to help increase the companies Gallup poll numbers.  Yes this was a long in the meantime 19 years to be exact. 

One day I was listening to Bishop T. D. Jakes and he said, “You’ve delayed your dreams so long that your faith doesn’t’ even believe you anymore.” Something in me screamed, cried, and then awakened.  I knew I had to put an end to my meantime. No it was not easy then and continues to be a struggle for me everyday. However my meantime, is my now time.  With the 4 steps below I am making it happen.

Step #1.           STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!!!  You will never find your purpose, passion, destiny, dream job or whatever you call it if you are not searching, STOP PROCRASTINATING TODAY! 

Step #2.             Make a Plan Habakkuk 2:2 states “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it.”  Put your dreams, vision, or plans on paper. Every business needs a business plan. Your life is your business make a plan for it. 

Step #3.             Set Deadlines and stick to your deadlines.  If you have small amounts of time use it wisely.  If you want to write a book start by writing a page a day.  Eventually the ideas will begin to follow at a greater rate.

Step #4.           Work Your Plan         Do what you say you want to do.  Do what you say you’re going to do.  Turn off the TV, cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, or whatever your distraction maybe.  This is YOUR VISION only you can make it happen.  Take control of your life today.


Today I am sharing my gift with the world for FREE.  Lets all laugh out loud.  I am pursuing my passion of training and development.

Let’s Go!

San Davis